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Projecten TOP-subsidies

Projecten ECHO-subsidies

Projecten TOP-PUNT-subsidies

  • Prof. dr. M.H. Baldus (UU) en prof. dr. A.M.J.J. Bonvin (UU) 
    Caught in the act: a combined magnetic resonance -modelling approach to capture cellular machines at work
  • Prof. dr. G.J. Boons (UU) en prof. dr. A.J.R. Heck (UU)
    Combining chemical synthesis and analysis to reveal the biology regulated by protein glycosylation
  • Prof. dr. G. Rothenberg (UvA), prof. dr. B.L. Feringa (RUG) en prof. dr. J.N.H. Reek (UvA)  
    Catalysis in confined spaces
  • Prof. dr. D.A.M. Vanmaekelbergh (UU), prof. dr. W.K. Kegel (UU) en prof. dr. A. Meijerink (UU)  
    Superficial Superstructures: Control of Colloidal Ordering at Interfaces

Projecten ECHO-STIP-subsidies