SURface runoff in FLAT areas SURFLAT

Overland flow and runoff into streams and ditches, often leading to flooding and soil erosion, have been much investigated in hilly areas. However, in relatively flat landscapes, as found typically in river deltas and that are often intensively used and inhabited, this is not the case. This is due to the complexity of the large impact of micro-topography on overland flow. In this project, we use an advanced model toolkit that does justice to the involved physics, and a simplified low demand model, to assess and quantify causal relationships and the conditions that require the advanced and demanding modelling. The gained understanding, appropriately validated with measurements in flat landscapes, is used to guide anticipation for water managers and authorities, and advice by the consultancy sector. Special attention is given to micro-topography and infiltration, to enable a generic parameterisation of the modelling.

  • Projectnummer / Project number: 17709
  • Deelnemende kennisinstellingen / Participating institutes: Wageningen University & Research
  • Gebruikers / Users: 3 bedrijven, 4 organisaties / 3 companies, 4 organisation
  • Projectleider / Project leader: Prof. dr. C.J. Ritsema, Wageningen University & Research
  • Type project / Type project: Lopend
  • Startdatum / Start date: 2-09-2019
  • Einddatum / End date: 1-09-2023
  • Programma / Programme: Open Technologieprogramma
  • Vakgebied / Discipline: Aardwetenschappen / Earth Sciences


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