Time-resolved pump-probe cathodoluminescence microscopy for materials analysis

This HTSM project concerns the development of pump-probe cathodoluminescence spectroscopy (PP-CL) as a new technique for ultrafast and nanoscale materials characterization. To unveil the potential of PP-CL we study ultra-fast dynamics in three complementary materials systems and geometries: ultrafast plasmonics, single-photon quantum emitters, and ultrafast nano-Raman spectroscopy.

Together, these studies will provide fundamental insight in electron-light-matter interactions that are at the heart of ultrafast pump-probe CL spectroscopy as a new materials characterization technique. Together with ThermoFisher and Delmic we will develop a demonstrator instrument and identify the applicability of PP-CL as a characterization tool in a broad range of user areas including photovoltaic materials, solid-state lighting materials, and semiconductor nanowire devices.

  • Projectnummer / Project number: 17982
  • Gebruikers / Users: 2 bedrijven / 2 companies
  • Projectleider / Project leader: Prof. dr. A. Polman, instituut AMOLF
  • Type project / Type project: Lopend
  • Startdatum / Start date: 1-1-2020
  • Einddatum / End date: 1-1-2025
  • Programma / Programme: High Tech Systemen & Materialen (HTSM)
  • Vakgebied / Discipline: Natuurkunde / Physics


Anne van der Ham, MSc (Programmamedewerker) Anne van der Ham, MSc (Programmamedewerker) +31 (0)30 6001316 a.vanderham@nwo.nl