Toekenningen Rubicon 2006-1

Hieronder vindt u een alfabetische lijst met de gehonoreerden en een indicatieve titel van het onderzoeksproject. Achter de naam volgt het geslacht. Daarachter de huidige of laatste werkplek en het gastinstituut waaraan het Rubicon-onderzoek zal uitgevoerd worden.

  • Catalysis in supramolecular chiral containers
    Mr. I. Ahmad (m), Bhavnagar University (IND) -> UvA (NL), 12 maanden
  • Breaking the cycle of antisocial behavior: Protective factors for the prevention of child conduct problems
    Drs. L.R.A. Alink (v), UL -> University of Minnesota (VS), 24 maanden
  • Applying causal inference models to the life course links among socioeconomic position, health, and healthcare use
    Dr. O.A. Arah (m), UvA -> University of California LA (VS), 12 maanden
  • Neurologic Infectious Complications in Transplant Recipients
    Dr. D. van de Beek (m), AMC -> Mayo Clinic (VS), 12 maanden
  • The distribution and interaction of exsolved volatiles and magma prior to volcanic eruptions
    Dr. K. Berlo (v), UU -> McGill University (CAN), 24 maanden
  • Improvement of anti-tumor immunity through identification and targeting of molecules on low-avidity CD8 T cells
    Drs. R. Bos (v), LUMC -> The Scripps Research Institute (VS), 24 maanden
  • Successful Aging and Adaptation
    Dr. S.R. Caljouw (v), VU -> Manchester Metropolitan University (VK), 24 maanden
  • Eating Behaviour in Overweight Children: Triggers for Episodes of Overeating
    Drs. J.S. Coelho (v), Univ. Toronto (CAN) -> UM (NL), 12 maanden
  • Global meta-analysis of plant trait and plant type control over litter decomposition rates
    Drs. W.K. Cornwell (m), Stanford University (VS) ->, VU Amsterdam (NL), 12 maanden
  • Finding genes for complex traits: an application to Attention Problems
    Drs. E.M. Derks (v), VU -> University of Oxford (VK), 6 maanden
  • Safe Haptic Interaction with Moving Objects for Robotic-Assisted Surgery Applications
    Dr. ir. V. Duindam (m), UT -> Univ. Of California at Berkeley (VS), 24 maanden
  • Tracing the genome evolution of the alpha-proteobacteria
    Dr. T.J.G. Ettema (m), WUR -> Uppsala University (SWE), 24 maanden
  • Cognitive Mechanisms of False and Genuine Recovered Abuse Memories
    Drs. E. Geraerts (v), UM -> Harvard University (VS), 8 maanden
  • Emotional memory in depersonalization disorder
    Drs. T.M. Giesbrecht (m), UM -> Mount Sinai School of Medicine (VS), 6 maanden
  • Fabrication of smell receptor based sensors through nanobiotechnology
    Dr. ir. J.F. Graveland-Bikker (v), UU -> Massachussets Institute of Technology (VS), 24 maanden
  • From screen to targets, too many to screen? miRNA target identification based on automated literature mining
    Drs. A. C. Griekspoor (m), NKI/AvL -> EMBL-EBI (VK), 24 maanden
  • The effect of mutations in TP53 and interaction partners on interaction of TP53 with its DNA binding sites
    Dr. G.W. van Haaften (m) , NIOB-KNAW -> Cambridge University – the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (VK), 24 maanden
  • Why do Nitrogenases evolve dihydrogen?
    Drs. D.G.H. Hetterscheid (m), RU -> Massachussets Institute of Technology (VS), 24 maanden
  • Towards new Antibiotic Treatments for Biofilm Infections; Characterization and Inhibitor Development Targeting Bacterial N-Deacetylases
    Drs. R.B.C. Jagt (m), RuG -> University of Toronto (CAN), 24 maanden
  • The Role of MicroRNAs in B-cell Development
    Dr. J.L. Kluiver (m), RuG / UMCG -> Stanford University School of Medicine (VS), 24 maanden
  • Anti-Jewish polemics in the Latin West and the Greek East in the 4th century: a comparison
    Dr. P. Lanfranchi (m), UL -> UU (NL), 12 maanden
  • How we make sense of jumbled text: Digging into the depths of orthography and context
    Drs. V.E.G. Martens (v), UvA -> RU (NL), 12 maanden
  • Hermeneutics of Strangeness
    Dr. S. Micali (m), Wuppertal (D) -> RU (NL), 12 maanden
  • How do our brains map what is said onto what we think is true?
    Drs. M.S. Nieuwland (m), UvA -> Tufts University / the Martinos center (VS), 24 maanden
  • From Sand Piles to Glasses: Universality and Growing Length Scales in Disordered Materials
    Ir. S. Ostojic (m), UvA -> Columbia University (VS), 24 maanden
  • Muscle contraction: the role of nebulin
    Drs. C.A.C. Ottenheijm (m), UMC St Radboud -> Washington State University (VS), 24 maanden
  • Identification of invasion-promoting type VII collagen sequences in epidermal neoplasia in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa
    Dr. ir. A.M.G. Pasmooij (v), UMCG -> Stanford University (VS), 24 maanden
  • Theorizing the Ghost: Spectral Mediations of Gender and Race in Contemporary Culture
    Dr. E. Peeren (v), UvA -> Brown University (VS), 9 maanden
  • Manifestations of truffle mania in Italy (1400-1800). Towards a cultural history of the truffle in Europe
    Dr. R.C. Rittersma (m), UvA -> Vrije Universiteit Brussel (B), 24 maanden
  • Shifts in vegetation mosaics: the establishment of facilitative shrubs in grazed woodlands
    Dr. ir. C. Smit (m), University of Castilla-la Mancha (ES) -> RuG (NL), 12 maanden
  • Annotation and Characterization of Functional Genetic Elements in Breast Cancer Modifier Loci
    Dr. B.M. G. Smits (m), NIOB-KNAW -> University of Wisconsin-Madison (VS), 24 maanden
  • Media-based self-help therapy for nightmares
    Dr. V. Spoormaker (m), UU -> University of Oxford (VK), 12 maanden
  • Optical Spectroscopy of Molecular Junctions
    Drs. ing. M.H. van Veen (v), RuG -> Yale University (VS), 24 maanden
  • Computing form and meaning in question-answer dialogues
    Dr. W.K. Vermaat (v), UU -> Victoria University (NZ), 24 maanden
  • Object-Independent Expressive Movements
    Drs. V. Visch (m), VU -> University of Geneva (CH), 24 maanden
  • Impact of the breast cancer microenvironment on therapeutic response
    Dr. B. Weigelt (v), NKI/AvL -> Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (VS), 24 maanden
  • The role of gamma-BAR in the molecular regulation of membrane turnover and assembly of the AP-1 vesicular coat complex
    Drs. E. Wessels (v), RU -> European Molecular Biology Laboratory (D), 24 maanden
  • Catalysts at work
    Drs. C.J. Weststrate (m), UL -> University of Lund (SWE), 24 maanden



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