Projecten 2014

Single and Double Transitions from Violence. Diverging Transitional Justice Paths in Post-communist and Post-conflict Southeast Europe in the Context of European Union Accession
Dr. A.H.M. de Baets (RUG) voor drs. N.M. Wentholt (v)

Talking You Through: Traffic Information and Car Radio, 1950s-now
Prof. dr. K.Th. Bijsterveld (UM) voor drs. M.L.R. Dieker (v)

Poetry Off The Page. Is Our Experience of Art Changing and What Can Poetry Tell Us About this Change?
Prof. dr. G. Buelens (UU) voor drs. K.A. Van der Starre (v)

The Agricultural Economy of Islamic Jordan, from the Arab Conquest to the Ottoman Period
Prof. dr. R.T.J. Cappers (RUG) voor drs. A.M. Hansen (v)

Asymmetries in West-Germanic vowel systems: evidence from infants, children and adults
Prof. dr. J.P.M. Fikkert (RU) voor drs. N.P.W.D. De Rue (v)

Breaking and making the ancestors. Making sense of the inconspicuous 99% of urnfield graves
Prof. dr. H. Fokkens (UL) voor A.J. Louwen MA (m)

Subjectivity in a Scientific World: Early Sartre in Contemporary Phenomenology
Prof. dr. P.I.M.M. van Haute (RUN) voor drs. S.W. Gusman (m)

From sweet to salt: dynamics of the maritime cultural landscape of the Northeastern Zuiderzee between 1100 and 1400 AD. An interdisciplinary and spatial approach
Prof. dr. A.F.L. van Holk (RUG) voor drs. IJ.T. van Popta (m)

The demise of the domain
Prof. dr. P.C.M. Hoppenbrouwers (UL) voor drs. J. Ligthart (m)

Constructing Cultural Authority. The online and offline evaluation of pop music and fiction books
Prof. dr. M.S.S.E. Janssen (EUR) voor drs. R.C.W. Koreman (v)

The Mediation of Critique: Polar Strategies of Mediation in the Exhibition of Contemporary Art in the Low Countries, 1982-1997
Prof. dr. K. Kwastek (VU) voor drs. A. Bartholomew (v)

Negotiating Post-Memories. Intergenerational Transmission of Bosnia's war narratives beyond national borders
Prof. dr. R. van der Laarse (UvA) – drs. L.A. Boerhout (v)

The town as fatherland: The dynamics of urban and national identities in the Netherlands and Belgium, 1815-1914
Prof. dr. J.Th. Leerssen (UvA) voor drs. T. Peverelli (m)

Travelling translator. Rosey Pool (1905-1971), a Dutch cultural mobiliser in the 'transatlantic century'
Prof. dr. S. Legêne (VU) voor drs. A.J.M. Geerlings (v)

Art in the Divided City: Participatory Art Projects in Rio de Janeiro Favelas
Prof. dr. C.P. Lindner (UvA) voor drs. S. Kalkman (v)

The wars between VOC and Makassar (1634-1669)
Prof. dr. B Schoenmaker (UL) voor drs. T. Mostert (m)

Dialectical variation at Dadan: a window to linguistic diversity in pre-Islamic Arabia
Prof. Dr. P.M. Sijpesteijn (UL) voor drs. F. Kootstra (v)

Constantinople beyond the Walls: Byzantine Monuments and Memory in Tophane, Istanbul
Prof. P.A. Stephenson (RUN) voor drs. I. Kimmelfield (v)

Verbal Valence in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Syntactic Variation and Linguistic Change
Prof. dr. L.J. de Vries (VU) voor drs. F. Siebesma-Mannens (v)

Mental Health Expertise Online. The enactment of expertise on major depression and bipolar disorder on online platforms in English and French
Prof. dr. S.M.E. Wyatt (UM) voor drs. C. Egher (v)