ChEOPS: verified Construction of corrEct and Optimised Parallel Software

In the ChEOPS project, research is conducted to make the development and maintenance of software aimed at graphics processing units (GPUs) more insightful and effective in terms of functional correctness and performance. GPUs have an increasingly big impact on industry and academia, due to their great
computational capabilities. However, in practice, one usually needs to have expert knowledge on GPU architectures to optimally gain advantage of those capabilities. At the Eindhoven University of
Technology, we work on modelling GPU applications using a Domain Specific Language, formally verifying the correctness of the models, and automatically generating GPU code. At the University of Twente, we work on the structured optimisation of GPU code, while ensuring that functional correctness is preserved.
Existing formal verification techniques, model checking and code verification, are combined to create, for the first time, a complete end-to-end development workflow for GPU applications.

  • Projectnummer / Project number: 17249
  • Deelnemende kennisinstellingen / Participating institutes: Universiteit Twente, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  • Gebruikers / Users: 4 bedrijven / 4 companies
  • Projectleider / Project leader: Prof. dr. M. Huisman, Universiteit Twente
  • Type project / Type project: Lopend
  • Startdatum / Start date: 1-09-2019
  • Einddatum / End date: 31-08-2023
  • Programma / Programme: Open Technologieprogramma
  • Vakgebied / Discipline: Informatica


Drs. Paul Blank (Programmamedewerker) Drs. Paul Blank (Programmamedewerker) +31 (0)30 6001347