Toekenningen 2016

Overzicht toekenningen NWO-groot

Netherlands Twin Registry Repository: researching the interplay between genome and environment.
Prof. dr. D.I. Boomsma, VU
The Netherlands Twin Register maintains a rich collection of data on behavior and health in twins, multiples, and their family members. This has yielded more than thousand publications on the interplay of genes and environment in complex human traits. With the NTR repository, continuation of data collection and dissemination to a wider research community is ensured.
De NWO-bijdrage is 2.048.000 euro.

Golden Agents: Creative Industries and the Making of the Dutch Golden Age
Prof. dr. C.M.J.M. van den Heuvel, Huygens Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis
The Dutch Golden Age’s paintings, books, ceramics etc. still fascinate millions of people, but how did these creative outbursts emerge? In the Golden Agents Research Infrastructure, so-called computer agents ingeniously connect existing and new databases to facilitate interdisciplinary research that unravels the inner dynamics of this creative miracle.
De NWO-bijdrage is 3.612.000 euro.

META-scan: A non-invasive metabolic imaging tool to study treatment response
Dr. ing. D.W.J. Klomp, UMCU
Imaging METAbolism with magnetic resonance becomes feasible throughout the human body by a newly developed META-scan. This way, treatment effects can be visualized non-invasively facilitating efficacy feedback at early stage. A consortium of university medical centres will use the imager to study treatment of cancer, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and liver diseases.
De NWO-bijdrage is 3.994.000 euro.

Dutch science data centre for the Euclid mission
Prof. dr. K.H. Kuijken, UL, prof. dr. E. Valentijn, RUG
Euclid is the next cosmology mission of the European Space Agency, ESA. It will study the dark energy and dark matter. This project will establish a Dutch Science Data Centre with which astronomers in the Netherlands can access the data from this satellite, and participate in the scientific analysis.
De NWO-bijdrage is 1.985.000 euro.

Probing quantum matter: Multimodal UHV scanning probe microscopy at ultra-low temperatures.
Prof. dr. ir. T.H. Oosterkamp, UL
In some materials electrons interact very strongly and cannot be described by non-interacting waves. This proposal allows the building of a machine to investigate the properties of these materials in which electrons are heavily entangled and ‘do quantum computations all by themselves’.
De NWO-bijdrage is 2.480.000 euro.

Taking PROFILES to the next level: Upgrading the PROFILES registry to understand mechanisms of declining patient (reported) outcomes in cancer survivorship
Prof. dr. L.V. van de Poll-Franse, UvT
We propose to build a comprehensive population based registry to facilitate novel ground breaking research into mechanisms of declining patient (reported) outcomes after cancer. This investment efficiently upgrades the worldwide unique PROFILES registry with innovative data collection and methodology.
De NWO-bijdrage is 1.953.000 euro.

PAN: Portable Antiquities of the Netherlands
Prof. dr. N.G.A.M. Roymans, VU
Private metal detector users collect portable antiquities (metal artefacts) from arable fields or construction works. Their finds are very valuable to professional archaeologists, but remain largely unknown. PAN will provide human resources and an online database for portable antiquities to make these available to scientists, heritage professionals and spatial planners.
De NWO-bijdrage is 1.862.000 euro.