AHRC - NWO Humanities Research Networking and Exchange Scheme

AHRC - NWO Humanities Research Networking and Exchange Scheme

Het programma AHRC - NWO Humanities Research Networking and Exchange Scheme stimuleerde Brits-Nederlandse netwerkinitiatieven. Het doel was creativiteit en innovatie in de geesteswetenschappen te bevorderen door debat en kennisuitwisseling en om de relatie tussen wetenschappers in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en Nederland te versterken. Het Networking and Exhange Scheme was een samenwerking van NWO Geesteswetenschappen met de Britse Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC).


De projecten richtten zich op de volgende twee thema's:

  • duurzame gemeenschappen in een veranderende wereld
  • culturele interacties in het onderzoek.

De elf projecten liepen van 2011 tot 2015.

Between the Tides? Comparative arts and humanities approaches to living with(in) intertidal landscapes in UK & the Netherlands. Learning from those who live and work with complexity, change and fragility
Dr. O. Jones, University of the West of England
Dr. B. van Hoven, University of Groningen

The Shari'a Project: A UK-Netherlands Islamic Legal Studies Network
Prof. R.M. Gleave, University of Exeter
Prof. L.P.H.M. Buskens, Universiteit Leiden

Capturing Change in Journalism. Shifting Role Perceptions at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Prof. dr. M.J. Broersma, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Prof. Martin Conboy, University of Sheffield

The cultural politics of catastrophe: (Post)colonial representations of Southeast Asian and Caribbean disasters, 1800-2012
Dr. A.J. Carrigan, Keele University
Dr. A.F. Schrikker, Universiteit Leiden

Landscapes of war, trauma and occupation. Painful heritage and the dynamics of memory in post-1989 Europe
Prof. dr. R. van der Laarse, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Dr. Gillian Carr, University of Cambridge

Visual Culture and 'Interruption' in Global Cities
Prof. C.P. Lindner, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Prof. dr. S. Jordan, Queen Mary, University of London

Sustainable Art Communities: Creativity and Policy in the Transnational Caribbean
Dr. L.R. Wainwright, The Open University
Prof. Dr. K. Zijlmans, Universiteit Leiden

Participatory Design of the Future-Building School
Dr. K.D. Könings, Maastricht University
Dr. C. Burke, University of Cambridge

An examination of the contribution of creative enterprise centres to the development of more sustainable communities
Dr. M. Bertotti, University of East London
Prof. J.B. Burgers, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Between Human Niche Construction and Imperial Power. Long-term trends in Ancient Water Systems
Dr. ir. M.W. Ertsen, Technische Universiteit Delft
Prof. Dr. T.J. Wilkinson, Durham University

Collecting the Performative - A Research Network on Emerging Practice for Contemporary Performance Art: Museum Collections, Acquisition and Conservation
Dr. P.L. Laurenson, Tate
Dr. V. Van Saaze, Maastricht University


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