Senior Expert at Innovative Finance for Sustainable Landscapes


The Senior Expert coordinates priority 17: innovative finance for sustainable landscapes. As priority coordinator, he works with researchers from different FTA partners in priority setting, planning, implementing, and monitoring of research, the dissemination of the results and active engagement of field actors and policy makers (strengthening the research-policy-implementation interface).

Tropical landscapes are the sources of many agro-commodities and forest products, and provide the food and livelihood security of millions of people. Unsustainable land use practices and climate change are leading to rapid degradation of these landscapes, threatening their productive capacity, as well as biodiversity and the provision of critical ecosystems services. Through transformative change (in technology, policies and institutions, and stakeholder relations) sustainable land uses can be achieved, making the landscapes more resilient to climate change. Since about 50% of all agricultural land is cultivated by smallholders with small capital, such change requires additional finance that is tailored to the specific needs and possibilities of all stakeholders in the landscape. The senior expert works on identifying such innovative financing models, as well as the conditions that facilitate their upscaling and institutionalization. In particular, he strengthens the interaction between research, policy and practice through preparing and organizing dialogues with stakeholders. In these dialogues research results are shared, their relevance discussed, improved practices for landscape finance identified, and needs for additional, relevant research defined. His joined position in TBI and FTA allows him to link research directly to practice in the field in landscapes supported by other TBI programmes.





B.T.M. Louman

Verbonden aan

Tropenbos International


01/01/2020 tot 31/12/2021