Scalable and Usable Privacy Preserving Techniques


A huge amount of data are being generated, collected, analysed and distributed in a fast pace in our daily life. This data growth requires efficient techniques for analysing and processing high volumes of data, for which preserving privacy effectively is a crucial challenge and even a key necessity, considering the recently coming into effect privacy laws (e.g., the EU General Data Protection Regulation-GDPR). Companies and organisations in their real-world applications need scalable and usable privacy preserving techniques to support them in protecting personal data.

This research focuses on efficient and usable privacy preserving techniques in data processing. The research will be conducted in different directions:
- Exploring state of the art techniques.
- Designing and applying experiments on existing tool-sets.
- Evaluating the results of the experiments based on the real-life case studies.
- Improving the techniques and/or the tool to meet the requirements of the companies.

The proposal will provide results for:
- Education: like offering courses, lectures, students projects, solutions for privacy preservation challenges within the educational institutes.
- Companies: like providing tool evaluation insights based on case studies and giving proposals for enhancing current challenges.
- Research centre (i.e., Creating 010): like expanding its expertise on privacy protection technologies and publishing technical reports and papers. This research will be sustained by pursuing following up projects actively.





E.S. Doebar-Asmoredjo

Verbonden aan

Hogeschool Rotterdam - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, College van Bestuur


01/02/2019 tot 28/02/2021