Programming Selectivity of Aliphatic C-H Bond Functionalization through Innovative Auxiliary Reagents


Currently, organic synthesis relies on sequential transformations of functional groups, which typically generate stoichiometric amounts of non-productive waste. Consequently, fine-chemical production involves tedious multi-step procedures with poor atom-economy and low energy efficiency. The selective functionalization of C-H bonds has the potential to revolutionize synthetic planning, allowing for dramatic simplification of complex-molecule synthesis. However, the low reactivity of C-H bonds imposes significant obstacles to develop such transformations, with the improvement of selectivity as the main focus of the current efforts.
In this project, I propose to develop an innovative strategy to develop site-selective reactions for challenging unactivated C(sp3)-H bonds. The strategy relies on the use of ?auxiliary reagents? that bear (i) a substrate-binding site that binds to a functional group of a substrate, and (ii) a directing group for coordination to a catalyst. Upon formation of the substrate-auxiliary reagent architecture, and its coordination to the catalyst, one specific C-H bond will be selectively activated and functionalized. Importantly, site-selectivity can be controlled by crafting the auxiliary reagent framework. Furthermore, the chiral auxiliaries will allow for unprecedented enantioselective functionalization of unactivated C(sp3)-H bonds. This will significantly contribute to the development of sustainable methods for synthesis of fine-chemicals, such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and materials.


Wetenschappelijk artikel

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Dr. P.F. Dydio

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Dr. P.F. Dydio


19/06/2014 tot 03/11/2016