Predicting, modelling and understanding biomolecular interactions in the post-genomic era


With the presently available amount of genetic information a central question arises: how do the various biomolecular units work together to fulfil their tasks? To answer this question, structural information on proteins and their interactions with other biomolecules is required. Gaining molecular insight into interactions will also greatly impact drug development programs. Considering the huge number of protein-protein interactions, their often weak and transient nature and the limitations of traditional structure determination methods, fast and reliable bioinformatic and computational methods are needed.

Our main objective is to develop reliable bioinformatic and computational approaches to predict, model and dissect biomolecular interactions at an atomic level. For this, bioinformatic data such as sequence conservation and structural information will be combined with available biochemical or biophysical experimental data to drive the modelling process. The advantages of this approach over conventional structural techniques are the speed-up and the possibility to study complexes that can not (or only with considerable effort) be studied otherwise. As a model system we will study E2-E3 interactions along the ubiquitination pathway, mutations in which can cause human diseases like cancer, Parkinson's and cardiovascular diseases. The bioinformatic and modelling efforts will benefit from ongoing proteomic studies of E2-E3 interactions within the ABC cluster in Utrecht, allowing us to validate and refine our computational methods. Predicting the specificity of E2-E3 interactions will, together with structural information, enable development of class-specific drugs against medically-relevant E2-E3 complexes.

In this project, computational modelling, bioinformatic and experimental data will be coupled in an original, innovative and synergistic manner. This will open the route to systematic and genome-wide studies of protein interactions. We will develop for this purpose a server that can predict atomic structures of biomolecular complexes using bioinformatic and proteomics data. It will be externally accessible, making it invaluable for molecular interactome analysis.

Keywords: biomolecular complexes; interactions; bioinformatics; docking; ubiquitination



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