Art and Propaganda in the 21st Century: A Dutch Perspective


Research into the relation between art and propaganda in de 21st Century, in the following order:

(1) To clarify the relationship between politics, ideology and propaganda, focusing on the conception of propaganda as a 'sociological phenomenon'.
(2) To clarify how contemporary cultural production is defined within the realm of contemporary propaganda, taking examples from the world of popular culture, commercial enterprises and urban development.
(3) To clarify how contemporary art is part of above definition of propaganda, taking examples from renowned contemporary artists, art institutions and art manifestations.
(4) To clarify how contemporary art acts critically within or in relation to this concept of propaganda.


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  • J.H. Staal(2014): Truth is Concrete pp. 56 - 65
  • J.H. Staal(2015): Future Publics (The Rest Can and Should Be Done by the People). pp. 262 - 281 , Utrecht

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