Immigrant Integration in Transatlantic Urban Comparative Perspective


Scholars at the University of Amsterdam have long done ground-breaking research on the local politics of immigrant civic and political integration, in Amsterdam and other European cities. They have published this research in books and internationally renowned journals, organised multiple special journal issues on immigrant integration, trained graduate students and cultivated new faculty, and created new research projects to deepen our understanding and develop more robust theorising about immigrant integration in cities. Recently, though, we have identified the need for more comparative research beyond that of cities in different European countries, so we can take our scholarly work to the next level. Transatlantic comparative research on European and American cities is attractive to us given that the United States and its cities provide an overall very different context for immigrant integration. The ability to study immigrant integration in a transatlantic urban comparative perspective will enable us to further probe how, when, and to what effect cities address issues of immigrant integration. It will allow us to gain new insights about the factors that drive local integration policies and politics and the challenges that remain, with opportunities for more robust theorising that can bridge the different leading theoretical approaches popular among scholars on different sides of the Atlantic.

We are therefore very excited that Dr. Els de Graauw, an expert on the politics of immigration and immigrant integration in the United States, is willing to spend four months at the University of Amsterdam to strengthen our local team of immigration and integration scholars. Dr. de Graauw is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at Baruch College-the City University of New York. She has published extensively on U.S. cities and immigration issues and has underway several timely research projects that our faculty are eager to engage with and learn from. Furthermore, Dr. de Graauw is of Dutch origins, enabling her also to conduct research in the Netherlands, interact with our graduate students, and engage with other stakeholders and interested community members. During her visit, faculty at the University of Amsterdam will work with Dr. de Graauw on a systematic analysis of the politics of immigrant integration in European and U.S. cities, with the goal of producing an article intended for submission to a top-ranked, peer-reviewed journal. We will also organize a roundtable discussion open to the larger scholarly community to share our findings and receive feedback, and we will engage other interested stakeholders who can help disseminate our research findings to a wider audience. Finally, we will explore avenues for future research and the possibility to collaborate on a grant application to collect new data relevant to the study of immigrant integration in transatlantic urban comparative perspective. We are submitting this NWO Visitors Travel Grant application to help offset Dr. de Graauw’s travel and living expenses for her four-month visit at the University of Amsterdam. Thank you for your consideration.





Dr. F.F. Vermeulen

Verbonden aan

Universiteit van Amsterdam, Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)


16/01/2019 tot 15/05/2019