Yes Wii Can: An Embodied Cognition Approach to Improving the Design of Animations for Primary Education


Although animations are widely used in education, they are not very effective for learning ?except for animations involving motor actions. We propose that sensorimotor experience can be marshalled to enhance primary-school children's learning from animations. This proposal is inspired by the theoretical framework of embodied cognition, which assumes that thought processes are grounded in perception and action. Different degrees of sensorimotor involvement are investigated: observing or making gestures during animation study, or controlling animations through gestures with Nintendo WiiTM. Three PhD students use similar experimental designs focusing on different domains (math, language, & science concepts), thereby strengthening the generality (in case of similar findings) or specificity (in case of differences) of the design guidelines that can be derived. The post-doc studies sensorimotor involvement directly. This innovative and multidisciplinary project aims to gain insight into the cognitive processes underlying math, language, and science concept learning, offering new perspectives for educational sciences.



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Prof. dr. T.A.J.M. van Gog

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Universiteit Utrecht, Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen, Departement Educatie & Pedagogiek


Dr. L.A. Hald, B. van Huik MSc, N.B. Niet Bekend en Niet Gebruiken, L.S. Post, Dr. W.T.J.L. Pouw, M. Wiemers BSc


01/06/2011 tot 31/07/2016