Eventscapes: Providing Spatio-Temporal Access to the Prize Papers


This project focusses on an important set of digitized historical documents stemming from what is called the Prize Papers Archive. Over the last years, a section of this heterogeneous collection has been digitized by Brill publishers: the interrogations. Providing a wide variety of information about ships and their crews, the interrogations give an unprecedented insight in the workings of the maritime sector during the Age of Sail. In order to provide easy access to this valuable historical collection, we develop a flexible and potentially adaptable dashboard which functions as intermediary between the interrogations and their users. In realizing the dashboard, we make the documents accessible and prepare them for further analysis. Potentially researchers, curators of digital collections, but also the interested public will be able to use the dashboard to detect and contextualize spatio-temporal patterns in the form of digital maps and linked timelines (= an eventscape). This allows the user to confirm or reject earlier hypotheses, while newly discovered patterns can be new food for thought. The dashboard will be integrated in a web environment offered by Brill, currently called Prize Papers Online. The eventual goal of the project is to develop an elaborated proposal for a large project that will generate a generic digital solution for dealing with digitized historical document collections from a space-time perspective. The dashboard and the proposal built on the historical knowhow of Huygens-ING, cutting edge visualization techniques provided by UT/ITC, and the expertise of a digital heritage expert (UT/STePS).





Prof. dr. M.J. Kraak

Verbonden aan

Universiteit Twente, Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Department of Geo-information Processing (GIP)


22/12/2017 tot 14/01/2019