GAMPSISS: GAmeful Music Performances for Smart, Inclusive, and Sustainable Societies


Smart, inclusive, and sustainable societies need public values such as openness and tolerance to be rooted in citizens’ minds and behaviour. These values give rise to democratic citizenship and civic participation. Although classical music has shown its potential for transferring societal values in the 19th century, the importance of classical music is fading in contemporary society. Prompted by our public and private partners, we will explore how artistic performances that fuse classical music and gaming will (in addition to other benefits) contribute to transforming the existing listening culture into one required for smart, inclusive, and sustainable societies to emerge. Through artistic, analytical, and design oriented research we aim to 1) extract indicators of listening culture from music scores and performances; 2) identify the historic development of society and listening culture; 3) to determine how the current listening culture can be modified, and 4) to develop and evaluate playful, artistic performances that foster an active listening culture that promotes smart, inclusive, and sustainable societies. As its main scientific methods the intended research employs secondary survey data on trends in society and listening culture, audience research, (quasi-)experiments and design science research. For the design science research, one or more ludic music performances will be designed, performed and evaluated with a mixed-methods (quantitative and qualitative) approach to answer our research questions.


Hoofdstuk in boek

  • A.E. Erdbrink, A. Verbraeck, R. Kortmann(2019): Neo-Simulation and Gaming Toward Active Learning, Springer, Singapore (2019) pp. 453 - 461 , Singapore





M. Hamel

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Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten


A.E. Erdbrink MSc, M. Hamel, Dr. J. Michael


01/10/2017 tot 01/07/2021