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Within Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam, 7 research departments and 3 institutes together organise the Medical Genetics Graduate Programme, which is composed of the MSc programme in Molecular Medicine and the PhD programme in Biomedical Science. The aim of the Medical Genetics Graduate Programme is to provide the highest possible level of education in the biomedical sciences to students within Erasmus MC. The MSc programme lasts 2 years, whereas the PhD programme lasts 4 years. During the MSc period students become acquainted with the wide variety of research topics within the departments and institutes through presentations, laboratory rotations, 2 larger research projects, and courses. Many MSc students stay on to become PhD students. In the 6 years of their education they will have carried out in-depth research on at least 3 different projects.

Research within the departments and institutes touches upon many, both basic and translational, aspects of modern day biomedical science. Our overall aim is to deepen the fundamental understanding of essential biological processes that are of medical relevance. Topics include research on genome maintenance and transcriptional regulation, diseases such as cancer and blood-related disorders, ageing, reproduction and development, cell structure, bioinformatics, gene therapy, forensic molecular biology, and stem cells.

Research in the participating departments and institutes is supported by an excellent infrastructure. For example, state-of-the-art microscopes for imaging, and equipment for nucleic acid (e.g. next generation sequencing) and protein analysis (e.g. mass spectrometry), are available to each researcher and student. Furthermore, there is access to a large animal facility, a necessity for medically relevant in vivo research. This unique combination of expertise and infrastructure warrants a top biomedical research environment, with approaches ranging from the molecular detail to genome-wide views and in vivo analyses in models of development and disease.

The Erasmus MC - Medical Genetics faculty members are internationally recognised scientists and educators, with an excellent record of publications in peer-reviewed top international life science journals (see paragraph 2.2.2 for details). They actively participate as supervisors, teachers and course directors in the Erasmus MC teaching programme in Medicine, as well as in our own MSc and PhD teaching programmes. We aim to bring our students to the forefront of current developments in biomedical science.


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