CoLoSus – Competences in Logistics and Sustainability. Individual Competences related to Sustainability, Empowerment and Resilience in Logistics


Advanced competences are required to cope with the complexity and uncertainty of sustainability issues, in the literature often referred to as “individual sustainability competences” (ISCs), such as systems thinking, anticipatory thinking, normativity, and action-oriented traits. The current state of the debate is focusing on general competences, applicable in all disciplines. Some authors have pointed toward the specific need of translating these rather generic competences into professional and disciplinary competences. Until now, the specific translation and operationalisation of ISCs in logistics context has been largely ignored in the literature.

Therefore, the overall research question of this proposal is: what is the role of ISCs in the logistics sector, and how can education and business align to better incorporate competences related to sustainability, empowerment and resilience? We will answer this question by focusing on different milestones: first, we will analyse which ISCs are already embedded in logistics education and business. Then, we will investigate how ISCs are perceived by logistics professionals/academics/students. We will clarify how different educational levels relate to each other and to the professional field when it comes to ISCs (continuous learning line). As the current debate around ISCs is turning toward neuroscience, we devote part of our work to ground-breaking research into the relation between ISCs and activation of certain brain parts, and how this information can feed into education and business processes. Lastly, our project will elucidate relations between ISCs, and how individual resilience promotes learning and innovation.





Dr. W.D.B.H.M. Lambrechts

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Open Universiteit, Faculteit Managementwetenschappen


01/03/2020 tot 29/02/2024