Vertical Mixing and Internal Wave Attractors


Internal wave attractors are highly energetic, focused periodic wave structures that occur in stratified fluids such as the deep ocean. In the vicinity of a wave attractor, the fluid undergoes large amplitude oscillations in the vertical direction, making wave attractors a potential source of diapycnal (cross-stratification) mixing. We propose to study the vertical transport of tracers and the formation of sediment patterns due to topography-induced wave attractors in stratified fluids.
Specifically we will concentrate on transport due to Stokes drift and due to chaotic mixing, and the dynamics of tracer patterns in suspension. We approach these with a combination of analysis of simplified models and computations with numerical methods specifically designed to track tracers through many wave cycles. The research will contribute to the understanding of the mixing budget in the deep ocean, which is of interest to oceanographers, ocean biologists and climate scientists.


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Prof. dr. ir. J.E. Frank

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01/07/2015 tot 01/07/2019