CONflict And Management Of RElationships (CONAMORE)


We propose to add a sixth wave to Conamore, an ongoing longitudinal study. The longitudinal sample of Conamore consists of 1313 participants divided into an early-to-middle adolescent cohort (n = 923; 70.3%), who were 12.4 years of age (SD = .59) on average at baseline, and a middle-to-late adolescent cohort (n = 390; 29.7%) with an average age of 16.7 years (SD = .80) during the first wave of measurement. At present five annual waves of data collection have been completed, thereby covering the ages 12 till 20. Adding a sixth wave will enable us to extend the period of study with another five years, thereby covering the ages 12 till 24/ 25, and follow the development of the adolescents into emerging adulthood (age 24/25) (Arnett, 2000). In addition, following our sample of adolescents into the period of emerging adulthood offers a unique chance to study predictors of successful development in this period of life.





Prof. dr. W.H.J. Meeus

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Universiteit Utrecht, Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen, Departement Psychologie


01/01/2010 tot 07/03/2012