Atheism and spirituality. Configurations of secularity among the Indian middle class


Current research on secularity no longer understands the secular as the decline of the religious. Rather, secularity refers to a particular configuration of religion, state, society, and science. By retracing configurations of secularity in contemporary India, the proposed research will contribute a much needed empirical and cross-cultural perspective to a largely theoretical debate focused on Europe and North America. Taken as an analytical category, secularity permits to uncover the cultural foundations of contemporary forms of religion and non-religion alike. For this purpose, anthropological fieldwork in the environment of a south Indian centre for atheism will be combined with philological analyses of the as yet hardly researched literary genre of Indian spiritual non-fiction. With recourse to new institutional theories it will be possible to fathom not only the ideological, but also the pragmatic and material aspects of secularity and retrace how they translate into concrete practices of individuals.



  • S Stefan(2017): Total Atheism , Utrecht  19 april 2017

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