Migration Law as a Family Matter


In 2009, 35,000 non-EU citizens applied in The Netherlands for admission as family migrants. This figure represents over a third of the total number of applications for admission made that year: 93,000. 40% of the applications for family migration were refused. This means that, in just one year in just one EU State, at least 13,000 persons, including nationals, either had to leave their state of residence to join close relatives abroad, or accept extended (possibly permanent) separation from those relatives.

When regulating migration, states must respect the individual rights of migrants, avoid splitting up families and defend national interests. This project will address the resulting tensions and look for new possibilities to mediate them through law. It will examine different facets of migration law - labour migration, family migration, asylum, and migration and development ? at national, international and EU levels, and in an interdisciplinary fashion. It will do this consistently through the lens of family relations, but from the competing perspectives of individual, family and state.

In its results the project will: provide theoretical insights into how migration law intersects with family law and social policy; advance the quality of legal practice in migration law; and contribute to the development of a methodology specifically suited to legal research.

The project will consist of the following five subprojects, the details of which will be provided in the proposal itself:
I: Migration Law and Shifts in Social Risks from Family to State to Citizen.
II: Cross-border parent-Child Relations in Dutch Law
III: Family Related Claims of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Human Rights Law
IV: Family Norms and Identity Politics in EU Migration law
V: The Global Governance of Migration and the Redistribution of Care and Social Risks Between Individuals, Families and States


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