“Nothing Matters but the Future.” Dutch Multinationals and their Visions of the Netherlands in a Changing World Order (1938-1948)


Around World War II, Dutch multinationals such as Philips and Unilever increasingly traded ideas with policymakers about the future of the Netherlands. But why and how did corporate and political interests combine to re-imagine the future of the Netherlands, and what has been the significance of their ideas and interactions? Building on a transnational history approach and a historical network analysis, I will analyze new archival material of the Contactcommissie, and of a global network of postwar business groups. In this way, this project will show how these groups helped shape the international political-economic positioning of the Netherlands after 1945.





P. Postma

Verbonden aan

Hanzehogeschool Groningen, International Business


20/04/2020 tot 20/04/2025