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Thema: Vrije categorie - De Waarde(n) van Weten

Who owns learning? The university, the teacher, or the learner? All answers can be equally right and are based on perspective. True learning is hard to force upon a learner, especially when learning is perceived through the development of being in and engaging with the world. From this perspective, the most important agent is the learner, he or she owns their learning. Another important agent is the learner’s learning-landscape. The teacher is part of this learning-landscape; at best as facilitator, at worst as hindering. As all learners are unique—with their own needs, beliefs, expertise, and perspectives—it would be strange to strive for one method to serve all. One teaching method could facilitate some students, while it hinders other students at the same time. A paradoxical situation, with no right or wrong. Teachers are in need to embrace the variety of learning strategies and preferences.
Within under-graduate training in physiotherapy at HAN University of Applied Sciences, an open learning landscape was created; paradoxes, diversities, barriers, and facilitators confront, and collaborate dynamically, it is perceived as excellent fertilization for development and learning. All learners, students, and teachers alike, they take a critical stance on learning, they depended on others, they are responsible for each other, and are accepting uncertainties while being comfortable with this situation.
The biggest challenge for students, within this landscape, is making choices within a context of uncertainty and complexity. In this project, we aim to find answers on how to facilitate students in making these choices.





J.E.J.L. van Wijchen MSc

Verbonden aan

Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen


01/05/2020 tot 31/10/2020