Reading fluency: Like parent like child?


Good literacy skills are crucial for succeeding in our literate society. However, individuals with dyslexia have huge difficulties with fluent reading despite appropriate learning opportunities. The aim of my project is threefold. First, to study the cognitive, environmental and genetic factors that influence reading ability and disability. Second, to identify parental skills that can predict their offspring's reading skills. Finally, the combination of studies in Dutch and English allows the disentanglement of language general and language specific effects. The current project will employ a combination of methods. Both Dutch and English families will be assessed on reading and a range of cognitive skills that underpin reading. Furthermore, they will be asked to provide saliva samples for studying genetic factors and to fill out (web-based) questionnaires for assessing environmental factors. Research investigating the cognitive risks parents confer on their children is highly needed since it could lead (i) to the early identification of children who are at high risk of developing dyslexia and (ii) to the development of early intervention programmes to ameliorate the impact of dyslexia on children?s educational attainments.


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Dr. E. van Bergen


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