Research School Experimental Psychopathology (EPP)


The Research School Experimental Psychopathology (EPP) is a consortium of departments embedded in eight universities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 1995 EPP is officially acknowledged as a Research School for PhD training by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). EPP's educational and research programmes have been evaluated as excellent. The EPP research groups aim to improve description, classification, causal understanding and treatment of a selected number of mental disorders, by developing and testing hypotheses and theories derived from behavioural science and neuroscience. The methodological approach is predominantly experimental. EPP is associated with Research Master tracks at 5 Dutch universities. This application proposes a graduate programme that integrates the Research Master and PhD phases, and offers a PhD position for the most talented students. During the master phase internal and external students can submit a PhD research proposal. The 4 best candidates are selected by a selection committee. These students select their own supervisors. The research school offers an excellent environment for their further education and monitors the progress and successful completion of their PhD projects.


Wetenschappelijk artikel

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Prof. P. Muris

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Onderzoekschool Experimentele Psychopathologie (EPP)


Dr. J.L.M. Boselie, A.E. Kunze MSc, M.H.J ter Mors-Schulte MSc, C. Slofstra MSc


01/09/2012 tot 18/09/2017