Fostering English reading skills in early secondary education


Acquisition of English as a second (foreign) language (ESL) is a major goal of secondary education. This project focuses on the development of word processing and word-to-text integration skills, assumed to underlie ESL reading comprehension. First, the conditions of dynamic learning of ESL word representations and word-to-text integration abilities are determined. In a longitudinal study throughout first grade of higher (HAVO/VWO) and lower (VMBO) tracks, the individual variation in ESL reading processes is examined. To account for differences in earlier ESL learning opportunities in primary school, dynamic tests are included. Possible linguistic transfer from Dutch reading skills will also be examined. In a parallel intervention study, we examine how to foster children?s ESL skills by focusing on word processing abilities or word-to-text integration skills making use of computer technology to adapt practice to students? ability level. Finally, an implementation study will examine its combined effects in perspective of evidence-based practice.


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Prof. dr. L.T.W. Verhoeven

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Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Pedagogische Wetenschappen en Onderwijskunde


E.M.B. Mulder MSc, E.M.B. Mulder MSc, Dr. M.A.M. van der Ven MA


01/09/2015 tot 31/08/2019