Counting points on a new family of surfaces


The host researcher's VIDI project is called "counting points on surfaces" and the guest researcher has recently made a new family of surfaces computationally accessible. The arithmetic behaviour of these specific surfaces is interesting by itself, but it may also serve as a representation of what we may expect about the arithmetic behaviour of surfaces in general, a topic about which we still know very little.

By combining forces, also with a second host researcher, we will be able to advance our knowledge on the density of rational points on these surfaces, or prove the nonexistence of rational points on some of the surfaces, or even prove necessary and sufficient conditions for rational points to exist on these surfaces in general.





Dr. R.M. van Luijk

Verbonden aan

Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen, Mathematisch Instituut


01/10/2017 tot 15/12/2017