Human Security and Conflict in Ukraine: Local Approaches and Transnational Dimensions


Human security is at risk in fragile and conflict-affected Ukraine. The conflict has a clear transnational dimension as many people in the South and East identify with a foreign state (Russia) and are influenced by its media. This undermines the legitimacy and efficacy of government and complicates post-conflict reconciliation. This project aims to bring new insights on the complex connections between the transnational dimensions of conflict, human security, and state fragility. Research focuses on two related areas: post-conflict reconciliation and the strengthening of government capacity at the local level. We are particularly interested in how the implementation of policies and practices related to post-conflict reconciliation and the strengthening of government capacity at the local level can contribute to confidence-building, restoring human security, and strengthening local governance. Through its knowledge-sharing activities, the project will reach a variety of stakeholders, including government officials at the national and local levels, civic actors, practitioners, and experts and scholars. On the basis of substantial empirical research, the project will contribute to the academic literature on the transnational dimensions of conflict, state fragility, and human security. The project also seeks to generate insights that can feed into government policies and the programs of (domestic and international) practitioners and their implementation at the local level. Finally, the project aims to strengthen the capacity of local researchers to conduct high-quality research on project-relevant subjects and of civic actors to effectively address issues pertaining to post-conflict reconciliation and local government reform.


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W 08.420.110


Prof. dr. A.W.M. Gerrits

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Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen


Dr. M. Bader, H. Bocheva, L. Bomassi, M. Boroda, Dr. O. Galkin, Prof. dr. A.W.M. Gerrits, Dr. B. Jarábik, K. Karahiaur, E. Moschini, Dr. N. Shapovalova, I. Shevliakov, O. Stashuk, Dr. J. Techau, O. Vynogradova, Dr. T. de Waal, B. Yielding


01/09/2016 tot 01/10/2018