New Ways of Working and Human Capital Development


With the radical change from an industrial to a knowledge society comes the increased significance and autonomy of knowledge workers. Developments in technology and society have given rise to more openness in the processes and practices of these knowledge workers. Working, learning and innovating are less constrained by organizational, geographical and cognitive boundaries. The challenge that organizations increasingly face is to combine this openness with integration across individual knowledge workers, units and areas of expertise, and counter inherent threats of fragmentation. The premise of this project is that the development and utilization of knowledge workers? human capital requires that open working, learning and innovating are mutually reinforcing. This project will generate solid academic insight in how to manage human capital development across boundaries by means of in-depth studies of organizations that are in the process of such organizational changes, have already successfully changed in such directions or offer alternative ?best open practices? for other organizations to learn from.

Data will be collected by combining qualitative and quantitative methods and by tracing developments and effects over time. In the project we work closely together with a consortium of six private and public partners: the Belastingdienst, CERN, Kentalis, Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed, Sparked, and VUMC. Next to these co-funding partners, we collaborate with many other organizations interested in the inter-disciplinary topic of New Ways of Working. This collaboration will ensure impact and dissemination of the project?s outcomes through dialogue, workshops, the development of a self-assessment instrument, and professional publications.



Wetenschappelijk artikel

Publicatie bedoeld voor een breed publiek

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Prof. dr. M.H. Huysman

Verbonden aan

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, School of Business and Economics


E.P.H. van den Broek, J. Hummel MSc BA, J. Schlegelmilch MSc, Dr. A.V. Sergeeva


01/07/2014 tot 16/12/2019