Practices of Responsibility in Change


purpose of this action is to create a research network examining the philosophical and moral implications of the changing nature of responsibilities to care.

Our aim is to develop new theoretical approaches that can address the contemporary challenges to responsibility created by new areas of healthcare practice and intervention. In particular to: consider the significance of people's key relationships, such as family and community, in how they deliberate and make decisions about responsibilities they must respond to.

These aims will be addressed by producing the following:
-To submit an international research proposal
-To produce high quality publications (journal papers and edited collection)
-To develop a formal structure to manage, oversee and develop the international research network's long term future


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Professionele publicatie

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Publicatie bedoeld voor een breed publiek

  • J Nelson(2015): Vaccination, Free Riders, and Family Autonomy


  • M.A. Verkerk(2014): Ethics of Families
  • M.A. Verkerk(2014): Network on Ethics of Families





Prof. dr. M.A. Verkerk

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