Participatory Value Evaluation: a new assessment model for promoting social acceptance of sustainable energy policies


Worldwide, governments and firms invest in sustainable energy policies to decarbonise energy systems. These investments are often made on the basis of Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA). However, classical CBAs have difficulty incorporating citizens’ ethical considerations concerning the procedural and distributive aspects of such decisions, considerations that clearly affect the social acceptance of decisions on sustainable energy policies.

Dutch practitioners now consider the use of Participatory Value Evaluation (PVE) instead of CBA as this approach has the potential to include citizens’ ethical considerations in real-world economic policy analysis. In a PVE, citizens choose a portfolio of policies given one or more constraints (budget/sustainability target). Using these individual choices behavioural choice models are estimated that subsequently form the basis for an economic evaluation of different policies.

This project aims to contribute to the construction and use of ethically sensitive policy evaluation through the further development of PVEs. First, we investigate the extent to which PVE allows for the inclusion of citizens’ ethical considerations through conducting PVEs in which we explicitly include morally salient features of sustainable energy policies. We then develop novel behavioural discrete choice models that measure the extent to which citizens are willing to forego personal benefits to foster ethical considerations. We use the resulting ethically informed utility functions for the economic assessment of sustainable energy policies. Second, we explore whether different applications of PVE can foster procedural justice by including the possibility of deliberation and co-design and study how these PVE applications impact citizens’ social acceptance of sustainable energy policies.





Dr. mr. N. Mouter

Verbonden aan

Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Techniek, Bestuur en Management, Policy Analysis


Dr. M.M.F. Collewet, Dr. R.M. Shortall


01/09/2018 tot 28/02/2021