The biomimetic synthesis of CaCO3 biomaterials


Here we propose a biomimetic strategy aiming at CaCO3-based biomaterials of which the properties are controlled through the crystallinity and morphology of the inorganic phase using precisely defined macromolecular templates. These macromolecular architectures will be designed such as to mimic three important aspects of biomineralization: a) the controlled nucleation and growth of crystals by precisely defined interactions between the template and the growing crystal, b) the shaping and localisation of mineral particles by restricting their growth to a confined space, and c) the formation of composites with good mechanical and biomaterials properties through the inclusion of macromolecular templates.
In order to arrive at a stage where this challenge can be met we have defined three topics:
· Crystallization templates with well-defined and stable surface structures will be developed based on peptide-derived diblock copolymers. We will use the variation of the peptide sequences to stabilise specific crystal faces and to develop correlations between the template structure and the crystal habits of specific polymorphs. By the construction of aggregates at surfaces and in solution we intend to investigate the relation between templating in two and three dimensions.
· We intend to use hydrophobically modified dendrimers to construct tubular bicontinuous macromolecular architectures with macroscale porosity based on water-in-oil microemulsions. Within the confines of these tubes (amorphous) calcium carbonate will be grown. The resulting materials will be evaluated as possible scaffolds for tissue engineering.
· Hydrophobically modified dendrimers will be complexed with terminally alkylated oligo-peptides to form templates with dynamic self-ordering surfaces. This modular approach can be applied to induce the (oriented) nucleation of specific crystal habits in solution, as well as in gels, aiming at the inclusion of the template in the developing inorganic phase. The mechanical properties will be related to the nature of both the organic and inorganic components


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