NWO Visitors Travel Grant Dr Nilgun Bayraktar


Dr Bayraktar will contribute to the research MA and PhD programmes of the Netherlands School of Literary Studies (OSL) that Professor Valdivia will direct from January 1st 2019. The School provides high standard and cutting-edge academic education in Literary studies for PhD researchers and ReMa-students and provide an intellectual and academic forum for the discussion of the state of the art of literary studies, including its rich traditions in the Netherlands and elsewhere. OSL encourages the multidisciplinary study of literature, understood as language art in all its forms, in its historical and current manifestations and dynamics, from a variety of perspectives. The research of OSL members focuses on modern and contemporary cultural studies and literature. Also, Dr Bayraktar will contribute to Professor Valdivia’s project on “Cultural Narratives of Crisis and Renewal” given her extraordinary expertise on visual culture and mobility in the context of different migratory crises. This project is embedded in the RUG Research Center for Arts in Society where Professor Valdivia is its Director and Chair of the Department of European Culture and Literature. The overarching aim of the project is to investigate the role of cultural production both as a vehicle to elaborate cohesive narratives in moments of crisis and as a space to create alternative imaginaries for social renewal. We address the need to explore and understand how culture maps the changing nature of our societies and the reconfiguration of regional and/or national cultural landscapes into globalized real (and virtual) spaces that blur the cultural frontiers of the nation-state. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the project aims to address the scarcity of scientific research on cultural narratives elaborated around conjunctures of crisis and renewal. The main objectives of the research are:
- to study the effects of crisis and each society’s resources for interpreting and imagining renewal;
- to use the category of narrative· to unravel cognitive strategies that operate in society, providing tools with which to understand, cope with, and move forward, imagining different configurations for social and economic relations, including changes in established gender, ethnic, and inter-generational relations;
- to develop interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches in order to explore the changing nature of our societies and the reconfiguration of regional and/or national cultural landscapes into globalized real (and virtual) spaces, which blur the cultural frontiers of the nation-state;
- to study cultural production (literature, theatre, cinema, visual arts, photography, performance) and cultural and political representations and interpretations (social movements, media, academic and political discourses) which engage with the multifaceted nature of the neoliberal system since its implementation in America in the 70’s up to the 2008 financial crisis.
Time frame: 2015-2019.
The project has already produced some substantial research outputs in the fashion, among others, of scientific publications and the multidisciplinary RUG Winter School “Imagining Southern Europe: Culture & Populism”. In 2019, Prof Dr Pablo Valdivia will apply for a collaborative research grant and Dr Bayraktar is intended to be one of the co-researchers of the continuation of the current project.





Prof. dr. P Valdivia-Martin

Verbonden aan

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Faculteit der Letteren


01/04/2019 tot 30/06/2019