Window of the Future


Zuyd University and partners will develop novel coatings that contribute to a reduction in energy consumption of houses and buildings. The built environment currently consumes 46% of all energy, mainly for heating and cooling. A strong reduction is required as part of the transition towards sustainable energy. This is expressed by ambitious targets set by the Parkstad region, which has set itself the target to be energy neutral in 2040.
For the Window of the Future Zuyd University (lectoraat Nanostructured Materials) and DWI (post-doc) aims to develop infrared regulating coatings that keep the heat inside in winter and outside in summer. These coatings are expected to strongly contribute to reduction of energy consumption. We will develop coating materials for application on glass windows, which are transparent for visible light to allow maximal daylight entering the building, and simultaneously regulate the transmission and reflection of IR heat. Kriya and Physee (SMEs) will advise Zuyd on technical and economic challenges related to the development of IR regulating glass windows. OMT Solutions (SME) and SGS Intron will advise on characterization and the performance validation. The need for such windows is confirmed by TNO/The Brightlands Materials Center as central challenge in their Optoelectronics program. They contribute largely to this project.
Large demonstrator windows will be coated, and installed in test houses for real-life testing and quantification of the energy reduction. Zuyd (lectoraat Solar Energy in the Built Environment) will quantify the impact of smart IR regulating windows on the energy transition by comparing their impact to other available technologies, e.g. solar cells. In this quantification, Zuyd will focus on the Parkstad region. Together with Parkstad and Maastricht University (Ph.D. student), Zuyd will also quantify the socio-economic impact, and promote the societal acceptance of smart IR regulating windows.





Dr. Z.A.E.P. Vroon

Verbonden aan

Zuyd Hogeschool


01/10/2017 tot 31/05/2021