Improving writing skills of students in primary education


In the first part of the project several writing modules for pre-writing, post-writing and during-writing activities will be developed with experienced teachers. In several studies these modules will be tested on their effectiveness and whether they can easily be passed on within schools. Furthermore, it will be assessed whether content related coaching and training in rating and giving feedback will enhance the effectiveness of this writing program.
In a second part of the project, attention will be given to the assessment of writing ability. This assessment firstly aims at providing pupils with feedback on their writing products and secondly at evaluating the quality of these text by using a newly developed assessment instrument. Moreover, the use of a continuous rating scale for writing ability enables monitoring of student progress. The rating scale will eventually be linked to the reference levels as determined by the Meijerink committee.



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Prof. dr. H.H. van den Bergh

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Universiteit Utrecht, Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen, Letteren


Dr. I.R. Bouwer, Dr. M.P. Koster


01/04/2012 tot 31/10/2016