Examining Reproductive Health Services of Women, Female Youth, and Female Refugees in Northern Jordan with a Behavioral Economics Lens


Our aim is to design, implement and evaluate interventions that adhere to the Cairo consensus of ensuring women’s reproductive health and sexual rights (RHSR) and the rights of the vulnerable youth and refugee populations in the north while dramatically reducing population growth in accordance with the SDGs and Jordan’s needs. We propose to do this by using a combination of culturally sensitive anthropological practices and behavioral economic approaches.

A critical objective of this effort is to identify interventions that produce the desired outcomes cost-effectively, in order that these interventions may be institutionalized within Jordanian ministries and CSOs/NGOs and, therefore, more likely to be replicated throughout the country and sustained over time.


Wetenschappelijk artikel

  • J Prince(2019): Applying Behavioral Economics to Modern Family Planning Persistence in Northern Jordan: TBD pp. 0 - 20



W 08.560.013


H.J. Prince

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University of Texas System, University of Texas at Austin


Dr. B. Al-Qaseer MD, Prof. Y.S. Khader PhD, H.J. Prince, Dr. K. Ready, N. Al Sheyab PhD


01/09/2017 tot 31/07/2019