Using small data and big data: Neighborhood Energy & Data Management Integration System


Unprecedented high volumes of data about the user behaviour will become available in the smart energy system, with the upward growth of the smart metering infrastructure, as well as of the available data from remote controlled Building Energy Management Systems. There is a need for more energy system integration while on the other hand the autonomy of individual systems is necessary to cope with the otherwise exploding complexity. Using Big Data combined with deep learning techniques offers new possibilities to better predict energy use and decentralized renewable energy production (e.g. from local weather data taking into account local phenomena such as urban heat islands). This combined with multi-agent systems with a gossip-based cooperative approach offers decentralized control and monitoring autonomy to further reduce the complexity of the energy system integration and makes it possible to relate the outcomes of the integral approach for urban energy system integration.





Prof. ir. W. Zeiler

Verbonden aan

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Faculteit Bouwkunde


15/03/2018 tot 15/03/2023