Image-guided treatment of brain malignancies with radioactive holmium microspheres


Annually, 4 million new cancer patients worldwide suffer from brain malignancies. Patients with brain malignancies show a median survival of less than one year. Current therapies are rarely curative and commonly associated with side effects. We have developed radioactive microspheres that are suitable for image-guided injection directly in the tumor. Based on results in veterinary patients and successful clinical application in patients we propose their use for tumors or metastases in the brain. In this translational project the effectiveness of these microspheres will be investigated in tumor bearing animals. A dedicated administration and monitoring system will be developed for controlled image-guided treatment. It is our main goal to translate the outcomes of this research project into a new treatment option for human patients. In future investigations this relatively inexpensive treatment can be used for any tumor that can be reached by needle.





Dr. J.F.W. Nijsen

Verbonden aan

Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, Divisie Beeld, Afdeling Radiologie


M. Boswinkel, N. Klaassen, Drs. N.W. Kuijpers, N.C. Morsink, Mr. ir. M. de Vries


01/07/2018 tot 01/03/2021


€ 489.924