6th Annual meeting of the Dutch Society for Developmental Biology


The Dutch Society for Developmental Biology (DSDB) he Dutch Society for Developmental Biology (DSDB) is a society bringing together all who have an interest in Developmental Biology, whether they are researchers, lecturers or students. It aims at emphasizing the importance of developmental biology in the Netherlands. Its goal is to create a forum for sharing and discussing advances in Developmental Biology in animal and plant systems. It constitutes an expertise center for scientists, and a training center for students. The DSDB is connected with the international network of developmental Biologists via the International Society for Developmental Biology (ISDB), the umbrella organization of national societies of Developmental Biology worldwide.
The DSDB is managed by Jeroen Bakkers (president), Vincent Christoffels (secretary), Jacqueline Deschamps, Dolf Weijers and Bernard Roelen (treasurer). One of the principal activities of the DSDB is the organization of a yearly meeting in which developmental biologists working in the Netherlands can meet, network and present their research. So far the DSDB has organized five meetings which were successful and well attended events. NWO has contributed financially to these meetings and we greatly appreciate this support, without which the meetings could not have been taken place. The sixth annual meeting of the DSDB will be held on Wednesday April 20, 2016 at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht .This symposium will be dedicated to molecular and and biological events that orchestrate embryo development. A provisional programme is outlined below. As a keynote speaker Thomas Lecuit of the Institut de Biologie du Developpement de Marseille (France) has agreed to present his research. Other participants will have the opportunity to submit abstracts from which we (DSDB committee) will make a selection for oral presentations. We will ensure that the selected speakers at the meeting will be well distributed among the different participating groups and disciplines and will include primarily junior researchers.





Dr. B.A.J. Roelen

Verbonden aan

Universiteit Utrecht, Faculteit Diergeneeskunde, VFFT


20/04/2016 tot 04/08/2016