The Beginnings of Farming in the Marmara Region of NW Turkey. Excavations at Neolithic Barcin Hoyuk


The proposed project will excavate the prehistoric village of Barcin Hoyuk, to collect and analyze datasets that record the earliest development of agriculture and an agricultural way of life in NW Turkey. As a watershed development in human history, the origin of farming is the subject of intensive scientific study. Our understanding of the Neolithization processes that were part of the spread of farming from its Near Eastern roots over large parts of the world, however, is still piecemeal. A crucial but little studied link in the chain of the expansion of agriculture to Europe is the region of NW Turkey, where Asia and Europe connect.

Soundings at Barcin Hoyuk reveal, for the first time in the region, a sequence of intact archaeological deposits dating from the second half of the seventh millennium BC. It will be possible to trace the history of the settlement over a period of at least 500 years, and to infer demographic, economic, social and cultural developments throughout this period. An interdisciplinary project design brings together archaeologists working from cultural, biological and geological traditions, in order to study the farming community in relation to its local environment. The project brings innovation to archaeological practice: targeted sampling strategies will enable a new way of modelling ancient crop farming systems, while the application of soil micro-morphology develops this expertise for the first time for Dutch archaeology. In addition, use is made of a newly developed technique to identify dairy comsumption from the residue of milk fats in ceramics.

The project will lay the foundations for studies on Neolithization processes and the spread of farming from Turkey to Europe. The varied types of data generated by the project will be used by members of the research group as well as other researchers in current and future research projects. By developing a site-specific digital Archaeological Information System the (future) accessibility of the raw data to the scholarly community will be assured.


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