HOMIE - pay per use domestic appliances


The Circular Economy is a hot topic for businesses, policy makers and academia and a lot of hope is vested in the move from a linear to a circular economy to drive sustainability and a future viable economy that generates higher levels of well-being at significantly lower resource costs. To make the circular economy a reality, new innovative start-ups are required to drive this change. HOMIE is an innovative start-up that operates at the forefront of the circular economy by proposing, developing and testing new circular business models with consumers that reduce our need for ‘stuff’ and helps us reduce our environmental impact in the home significantly. HOMIE wants to significantly reduce the environmental impact of domestic appliances, by moving from “ownership” to “pay per use”.
Starting with washing machines, HOMIE will offer free installation and maintenance of a high-quality washing machine, with the cost of water and electricity included in a small fee charged for
every washing cycle, thus offering an innovative pay per use business model. Washing
machines are only the start, and HOMIE aims to roll out its vision of “less stuff, more happiness” to all appliances in the home through an innovative platform approach.

A spin-out from Delft University of Technology, HOMIE is proposing a €250,000 STW Take-off





Prof. N.M.P. Bocken

Verbonden aan

Homie BV


12/09/2016 tot 30/06/2017


€ 249.975