Increasing Political Leverage of Informal and Formal Workers' Organisations for Inclusive Development: The cases of Ghana and Benin


This research focuses on the role of trade unions and informal workers' organisations as strategic actors for inclusive development in Ghana and Benin by investigating their political leverage over decent work for informal workers. It analyses why the latter has been difficult, and investigates the conditions under which, and the possible coalitions through which, informal workers' organisations and trade unions can be more effective in this field.

The outcomes of this interdisciplinary multi-stakeholder research will assist our intermediate target group in creating effective support structures and enable trade unions and informal workers' organisations to fulfil their roles as strategic actors for inclusive development by the effective promotion of decent work for all workers.

When rolled out, the research will impact on the wider Ghanaian and Beninese societies, by improving both income and non-income dimensions of wellbeing, through effective decent work policies that substantively include informal workers.


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W 08.350.103


Dr. M.M.A. Kaag

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Universiteit Leiden, African Studies Centre


E. Aidoo, P. Asafu-Adjaye, A. Baah, Dr. W. Baah Boateng, J. Brown-Afari, N. Chadare, E. Droppers, Dr. C. Edon, B. Fonteneau, C. Ghanoui, P. Horn, Dr. H. Huyse, Dr. M.M.A. Kaag, Dr. A.H.M. Leliveld, N.B. Niet Bekend en Niet Gebruiken, C. Roeper, Mr. Z. Vlaminck


01/10/2014 tot 31/03/2017