Literacy in the out-of-school contexts of at-risk adolescents: functions, meanings, and educational relevance


The proposed project sets out to examine in an open manner, using a longitudinal multiple case-study design with multiple measurement methods, the variety of literacy tasks in the out-of-school context that mono- and bilingual students in the junior vocational track of secondary education, considered at risk for educational failure, are enganging in. In addition to determining the exposure to literacy tasks in students? daily life, the project will also examine the personal needs, goals and motivations and the functional demands involved in these tasks.



  • C.J. van Kruistum: Changing engagement of youth in old and new media literacy  19 december 2013
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Wetenschappelijk artikel

  • C.J. van Kruistum, P.P.M. Leseman, A Ünlüsoy, M.J. de Haan(2010): Gender differences in adolescents' out-of-school literacy practices: a multifaceted approach Computers and Education pp. 742 - 751

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  • R.S. Heller, J.D.M. Underwood, C.C. Tsai(2010): Computer & Education: An International Journal





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