Interplay of complex order and topology


The recently discovered topological materials constitute a new class of materials with uniquely robust physical properties desirable for future application purposes. They are insensitive to microscopic details, like disorder or material roughness - problems that generally plague experiments and complicate technological advancement. Both from an experimental and theoretical perspective developments in this young yet vibrant field have progressed at an impressive pace. Advances in addressing challenges such as energy efficient mirco-electronics or quantum computing are coming into view.

Most of our current understanding of these materials is based on the picture of non-interacting electrons. At the same time we know that in a vast number of materials strong correlations are important and responsible for material properties such as magnetic order, orbital order and superconductivity. The study of strongly correlated materials which at the same time exhibit topological order of a known - or even new - kind, is still in its infancy.

Based on the work I have done thusfar I intend to focus on the connection of strong interactions and topology, and explore possibilities such as the emergence of topological states of matter out of magnetic or orbital order in realistic materials, maintaining close ties with experimental efforts.


Wetenschappelijk artikel

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