'Life is tough, but so are you'. Enhancing preservice teachers' resilience


Why do certain preservice teachers remain in the teacher education programme, and stay in the teaching profession, despite a high workload, a wide range of students’ needs they have to meet, and a low status of the profession? In research on teacher education, they are called resilient teachers: they bounce back after challenging or adverse situations but also thrive professionally and personally; resulting in, positive self-beliefs, well-being and commitment to the profession.

This study focuses on the role of teacher education in enhancing preservice teachers’ resilience. Teacher education generally consists of small-scale intensive education where much needs to be learned in a short period. Learning takes place at the institute and in schools during internships. This is challenging for preservice teachers, as they need to meet the requirements of the programme and the schools, and have to learn to balance these aspects. Our assumption is that building resilience is important for preservice teachers to maintain a positive sense of well-being.

Teacher educators recognize this need, but at the moment there are no substantial curricular practices to support preservice teachers’ resilience. We plan on addressing this challenge with the following goals: 1) to gain more insight in preservice teachers’ resilience and the strategies they use to enhance their resilience; 2) to gain more insight in how teacher education institutes or schools help students develop their resilience; 3) to develop a blended learning module that focuses on building resilience and implement the module in two teacher education institutes.





Prof. dr. K. van Veen

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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Faculteit Gedrags- en Maatschappijwetenschappen, Lerarenopleiding


01/04/2019 tot 01/03/2022