Take It Slow: The Use of Feedback and Persuasive Technology to Reduce Eating Rate


Over 41% of the Dutch population is overweight, a known risk factor for a range of debilitating conditions. Modifying behaviours associated with overweight, such as eating rate, or the speed at which people consume food, could reduce overweight and improve health. Eating rate is a basic determinant of appetite regulation, as people who eat more slowly feel sated earlier and eat less. Unfortunately without assistance, eating rate is difficult to modify due to its highly automatic nature. The current project examines the effectiveness of an innovative product, an augmented fork, to raise awareness of eating rate and help people eat more slowly. This product unobtrusively records behaviour and provides real-time haptic feedback on individual eating rates. Moreover, the fork is paired with applications to provide users with retrospective information about eating rate. We will test the effect of this persuasive technology on eating rate in the laboratory (Study 1) and over time at home (Study 2). The aim of these studies is to test both the short- and long-term effects of the intervention on eating rate and satiation, thus providing experimental evidence on the effectiveness of a persuasive technology to alter a habitual behaviour and support behaviour change. Our studies will lay a foundation for future research on the use of a persuasive technology in the domain of eating behaviour and inform prevention/intervention strategies in the context of overweight and obesity.


Wetenschappelijk artikel

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Publicatie bedoeld voor een breed publiek

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Dr. R.C.J. Hermans

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Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Behavioural Science Institute (BSI)


Dr. R.C.J. Hermans, Dr. R.C.J. Hermans, J.J.W. Juliana, J.J.W. Juliana, Mr. M.I.W. Klaiber


01/03/2015 tot 18/07/2017