Colloidal designer shells: spherical crystallography and the colloidal Buckliball


I propose to develop a colloidal system that probes how a spherical surface can be covered, or tiled, by anisotropic particles. While the coverage with spherical particles (or ?tiles?) has been studied in depth, more complex tiles - particles of anisotropic shape or interactions - are completely unexplored.

Employing particle-covered droplets, and building on recent progress in the fabrication of anisotropic colloidal particles I will probe the number and type of defects as well as their dynamics, and use these insights to create novel designer shells with switchable mechanical properties. The colloidal scale is ideally suited for such a study as thermal motion randomizes the particles while confocal microscopy provides full three-dimensional information of particles positions and orientations.

The project will progress along three lines of attack:
1) I will introduce impurities of controlled size and shape in crystals of spherical particles, in order to cause and control grain boundaries.
2) I will identify the novel crystal structures and defects for anisotropic particles, employing both particles of anisometric shape as well as particles with a valence, that is site-specific interactions.
3) Finally, I will develop polymer shells with voids instead of colloids. By studying the buckling of these shells, I want to explore how defects and crystal structure relate to mechanical properties. These designer shells form a new class of shape-changing micro-containers with great potential for controlled encapsulation and release, or as sensors and actuators.

Combining fundamental questions on ordering of anisotropic particles with developing novel designer shells, I will uncover and exploit the link between defects and order of spherical crystals with the mechanical properties of shell-like structures.


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