PrettyFace – Exploration of aesthetics in façade design


The project aims to explore aesthetical aspects of façade design, with the goal of identifying and discussing parameters to be considered in the development of building products for architectural application in facades, based on aesthetical preferences. The matter of aesthetical preferences in architectural design has been addressed by scholars in academic debates and theories, and broader studies about cognition and how our brain perceives visual environmental stimuli. However, there are still important gaps to fill in order to understand multiple underlying factors and derive lessons that could potentially serve as input for designers and building product manufacturers.

The project is structured in two main stages, seeking to involve both the creative industry and society to identify parameters and potentially draft guidelines derived from the findings. Firstly, aesthetical aspects of façade design will be discussed in focus groups and interviews with architects and façade designers, in order to identify and discuss parameters grounded on designers’ experience. The outcome from these discussions will be conceptualised and organised for the development of a questionnaire, to confront the designers’ views, and assess how people respond to the identified façade design parameters. The survey will be distributed through, the world’s most visited architecture website, in order to reach a large sample of people interested in architectural design.





Dr. A. Prieto

Verbonden aan

Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Bouwkunde, Architecture


24/10/2019 tot 29/05/2020